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Off-Grid living with energy generation facility at site is a very Green and Environment Friendly way of Living. We specialise in Off-Grid Solar PV systems.

We passionately challenge the status-quo to develop the Sustainable Green Products that are good for our Planet and uplift the lives of the People who use them.

Our innovative, easily affordable Solar Products give freedom from the Grid Challenges, Expensive Fuels and Pollution.

SuGree Campsite Solar Generators Silently Convert & Store Sunshine into Clean, Free, High-quality Electricity for around the clock supply.

Thereby they instantly give Freedom from the Grid Challenges and the Backup Generators that are painfully Expensive & Polluting. They are genuinely Affordable, Robust, Durable, Reliable, easily Portable and do not require drilling or Government permissions to install.

The ROI is within 1-2 years only!

Anyone facing grid Challenges can benefit from SuGree Solar Generator PowerBox
solar PV hybrid campsite Installation

An efficient alternative to fossil fuel generators

  • Solar impulse Label 1000 solutions certificate
  • deploy as easy as garden furniture
  • 1.3KW solar system
  • solar panels 25 years warranty
  • external MCB
  • withstand wind
  • tiny carbon footprint
  • tiny carbon footprint
  • tiny carbon footprint

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