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SuGree Products stands for Sustainable Green Products. We develop innovative Products in the area of Renewable Energy, Products from industrial and Renewable Energy Waste.

SuGree Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Through solar panels, the pump can eliminate cost of energy and provide a more feasible option for water pumping applications.

It uses energy from the sun for pumping water.

From agriculture to the energy industry, pumps are found in a wide range of applications.

solar pump Installation

SuGree Solar Water Pumping Solutions

  • Durable, Reliable, affordable & maintainable.
  • Easy to Install.
  • 1HP to 20HP submersible pump
  • Ecofriendly
  • Fast Return on Investment.



Organic Farm at Dhanora, Vadodara District, India

8 Solar Panels generates 2.6 KW energy

This energy is optimised by a Solar Controller placed in the room to drive the pump water from morning till evening.

2 HP SuGree Solar Submersible Pump is installed 140 ft below the ground in borewell.

Sufficient water output, provides full output from the 1.5 inch hose pipe.

It takes 2 minutes to fill the 200 litres barrel.

SuGree Solar Pump will also fill 50000 litre water tank (under construction). The drip irrigation system will be connected with the water tank. Hence using the Solar Pumping and Drip Irrigation solution will replace the 20 HP Pump.


SuGree Solar Pump Applications


Hotels and Resorts




Common water tanks of societies

Construction Sites

SuGree Solar water pump gives Sufficient water for agriculture need

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